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Select a letter of the alphabet below for a corresponding Fingerplay...



One little acrobat swinging through the air. 
(Hold index finger up and swing side to side.) 

He flips and he flops as we stare. 
(Make index finger bend up and down.) 

And suddenly he’s caught by another with flare! 
(Excitement in voice, lock both index fingers together.) 

He didn’t even know that he gave me a scare! 
(Shake head and wipe brow.) 

One little acrobat swinging through the air 
(Hold index finger up and swing side to side.) 

He lands and bows with the greatest of care! 
(With left palm facing up, place right hand with index finger up on  left palm and bend it as to bow. ) 

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Baby Bears 

Five baby bears in the bed,    (Hold up five fingers.) 
One rolled over and hit his head.    (Hands on head.) 
Four baby bears in the bed,    (Hold up four fingers.) 
One left to go and eat some bread.   (Pretend to eat.) 
Three baby bears in the bed,   (Three fingers.) 
“I’ve got to go,” one baby bear said.   (Put hands on face.) 
Two baby bears in the bed,    (Hold up two fingers.)  
I want my pajamas that are red!   (Put hands on hips.) 
One baby bear in the bed,     (Hold up one finger.) 
He’s so comfortable with the whole bedspread. 
(Put both hands on side of face and pretend to go to sleep.) 

Baby Bunny 

Baby bunny dressed in blue. 
(Hold up two fingers on one hand like bunny ears) 
Met another; then there were two. 
(Use two hands and hold up index and middle fingers.) 
Bouncy bunnies to the left. 
(Move fingers to left.) 
Bouncy bunnies to the right. 
(Move fingers to right.) 
Bouncy bunnies get in bed. 
(One bunny bounces to your back.) 
Off to bed, you sleepy heads. 
(Bounce other bunny to the back.) 

Motion Poem 

Baby bunny bounces high;    (Jump high.) 
Baby bunny bounces low;   (jump low.) 
Baby bunny blinks his eyes;  (Blink eyes.) 
Baby Bunny waves good-bye.  (Wave good-bye.) 

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There was a little caterpillar crawling all about.   
He worked and he worked without a doubt.
(Index finger wiggling)
Wrapping himself in a snug cocoon.
Waiting and waiting, will it be soon?
(Cover index finger with other hand.)

Look, he’s coming out, my oh my!
For now he’s become a beautiful butterfly.
(Cross thumbs and let fingers be fingers be butterfly wings.)

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Dogs in the Dirt

Ten little doggies went out one day
(10 fingers up)
To dig in the dirt and play, play, play.
(Pretend to dig.)
Five were spotted, and five were not,
(Show one hand at a time.)
and at dinner time they ate a lot!
(Pretend to eat.)

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A circus elephant I went to see.  
(Hold hand over eyes.)

He had 4 legs and was bigger than me. 
(Hold up 4 fingers and point to self.)

He had two ears big and round. 
(Show two fingers and make a circle with hands.)

And one long nose that made a sound.   /eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/
(Put arm like trunk and make elephant noise.)

Ethel’s Eggs

Ethel was a hen who laid 10 eggs.
(Hold up 10 fingers.)

Each chick hatched and had two legs.
(Cup hands together and open, pointing both index fingers upward.)

They would play and have their fun.
(Wiggle all 10 fingers.) 

But when Ethel called, they would come!
(While wiggling fingers, clasp hands together.)

(Ask:  How many legs did 10 chicks have?
Let children draw 10 chicks to find out.)
Evelyn’s Rent

On the first, Evelyn was sent
(Hold up index finger.)

To pay Mr. Edward  the apartment rent.
(Hold out palm as to pay money.)

On the elevator, Evelyn went
(Point right index finger upward and sit on palm of other hand.)

And did her job excellent!
(Clap hands.)

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Five Fingers

I have five fingers on each hand.
(Show each hand.)

I like to put them in the sand.
(Wiggle all fingers.)

When I hide my thumb just so,
(Bend thumbs back.)  

There’s only four that I can show.
(Show four fingers on each hand.)

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Green Grapes 
Five green grapes growing on a vine. 
(Hold up five fingers.) 
I picked one ‘cause it looked so fine! 
(Touch thumb and fold it down.) 

Four green grapes growing on a vine. 
Hold up four fingers.) 
I picked another for my Valentine! 
(Touch index finger & fold down.) 

Three green grapes growing on a vine. 
(Hold up three fingers.) 
I ate another, I couldn’t decline! 
(Touch middle finger and fold down.) 

Two green grapes growing on a vine. 
(Hold two fingers up.) 
I ate another in the sunshine. 
(Touch ring finger and fold down.) 

One green grape growing on a vine 
(Hold up little finger) 
I ate it too, cause they were all mine! 
(Fold down little finger)

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Humming Birds

Five humming birds flying in the air 
(Hold up five fingers.)

The first one landed in my hair.
(Touch thumb.)

The second and third were a pair.
(Touch index  and middle finger and let these fingers come together.)

The fourth humming bird  didn’t care.
(Touch ring finger.)

The fifth humming bird hummed  everywhere.
(Touch little finger and hum.)

I Hop on my Horse
I hop on my horse and go to town.       
(Pretend to ride horse.)
I ride up high and I don’t fall down.        
(Place arms high and then low.)
I wear a hat so my hair won’t blow.       
(Put hand on head.)
and when I want to stop, I just say Ho!  
(Pull back on reins.) 

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Inch Worms

5 inch worms inching up a tree,
(Wiggle five fingers.)

5 insects invited them to see
(Hold up other hand.)

An Iguana inside the tree.
(Place hand inside other hand.)

Use your imagination and you will see
(Point index finger to head.)

All 10 having fun in a tree!
(Wiggle all 10 fingers.)

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Jelly Beans

Jelly beans in the jar I see.     
(Hold up 10 fingers.)
There’re five for Jenny and five for me.  
(Hold up each hand.)
We jump each time we put one in:
1 (jump)   
2 (jump)   
3 (jump)   
4 (jump)   
5 (jump) 
(First boys jump 5 times then girls jump 5 times.)

Jumping Jelly Beans

5 jelly beans jumping in the den;   
(Hold 5 fingers up.)
5 more joined and then there were 10.  
(Show other hand.)
10 jelly beans jumping in the den,   
(Show both hands.)
just joking around with great big grins.  

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5 baby kangaroos all in a row        
(Hold up 5 fingers.)

When they see their mother they kick just so
(Let fingers thrust forward.)

For their mothers they have missed, 
(Hold up other hand.)

So they run and give her a great big kiss.
(Wiggle right hand fingers toward left hand and touch fingertips.)

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Lizards in a Log

Five lizards live in a log.
(Hold up five fingers and then cover palm with other hand.)

One left to live with a frog.
(Hold thumb of left hand down behind log.)

One left to live with a dog.
(Hold index finger down behind log.)

Two left to live with a hog.
(Hold middle and ring finger down.)

One little lizard living in the bog  (Bog means a wet, spongy ground)
(Show little finger.)

Is a little lonely living in a log.
(Hold index finger up and swing side to side.)

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Merry Mice

Five merry mice were born in May.        
(Show five fingers.)
The first one said, “In the Mud, let’s play.”   
(Touch thumb.)
The second one said, “No way, Hosea”!      
(Touch index.)
The third one said, “In the middle I must stay.”  
(Touch middle.)
The fourth one said, “ I am mad today.”        
(Touch ring finger.)
The fifth one said, “Our Mom we must obey.”      
(Touch little finger.)

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Noisy Nails

I use my hammer and five nails.       
(Show 5 fingers.)
“That’s too noisy,” my neighbor yells!            
(Raise voice.)
I’ll hammer them now before it’s night!
(Pretend to hammer.)
And to my neighbor I’ll be polite! 

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An ostrich has two long legs   
(Hold up 2 fingers.) 

and can lay many large eggs.  
(Touch together index fingers and thumb for large egg.) 

She’s the largest of all the birds, 
(Hold hands up high like wings.) 

And she can’t fly.  Isn’t that absurd?  
(Put hands on hips.) 


An octopus has 8 long arms. 
(Hold up eight fingers.) 

It lives in the sea, but do not be alarmed! 
(Wave hands back and forth to indicate no harm.) 

He squirts out ink, when he is the prey 
(Clap hands when saying the word “squirts.”) 
and grows a new arm when it’s torn away. 
(Hold up an arm.) 

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Pointy Fingers
Two pointy fingers I can show       
(Hold up both index fingers.)
Way up high or way down low.          
(Hold index fingers high & low.)
With my right, I point to my toe.                
(Right index toward toe.)
With my left, I show where to go.                                  
(Point to left.)
Two pointy fingers I can show       
(Hold up both index fingers.)
To show you things that I know!      
(Point straight ahead, then to head.)


Two things make a pair. 
(Hold up two fingers.)

And on me, I’ll show you where.
(Point to self.)

I have two ears, and I have two eyes.
(Point to ear and eyes.)

Both are important to make me wise!
I have two holes in my nose.
(Point to nose.)

That lets me smell a beautiful rose.
(Pretend to smell a rose.)

I have two hands that clap a beat.
(Clap hands to underlined words.)

I have two feet that are really neat!
(Jump when saying the word neat!)

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Five Little Ducks and Five Little Quail

Five little ducks went out to play
(Wiggle five fingers on right hand.)

And met five quail that came their way.
(Wiggle five fingers on left hand.)

The five little quail went to get a snack,
(Take left hand to behind back.)

And the five little ducks went “quack, quack, quack!”
(Put right hand to mouth like a duck’s bill and move  fingers as imitating duck quacking.)
Five Queens

There were 5 queens on a quest    
(Hold up five fingers.)
To see  who was the very best!   
(Wiggle all five.)
The first queen went to take a test.  
(Touch thumb.)
The second queen said, “I’ll go out west.” 
(Touch index.)
The third queen climbed Mount Everest.  
(Touch middle.)
The fourth queen made a beautiful vest.   
(Touch ring.)
The fifth queen said, “I’ll just take a rest.” 
(Touch little finger.)

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Robin Red Breast

Way up high, little robin flying just so.    
(hands up high)

Quick down low for a worm he must go.   
(hands down low)

With a wing on the left and a wing on the right,
(arms extended one at a time, left first, then right)

Fly to your nest for soon it will be night.
(arms flapping arms as if flying)

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Six Silly Spiders

Six silly spiders standing in a row.                 
(Hold up six fingers.)
They just do not know where to go,                     
(Wiggle 6 fingers.)
But when someone comes to spray,      
(Pretend to spray; use /s/ sound.)
They will be off on their way.                    
(Wiggle fingers away.)

In the sea are seven seals.                               
(Hold up 7 fingers.)
Swimming and splashing are some of their skills.        (Pretend to swim.)
Soon the seals are surprised.              
(Throw hand up as surprised.)
By a fish that’s twice their size.
(As voice gets louder, put arms out wide to show big.)
Swim, little seals, as swiftly as you can,                 
(Pretend to swim fast.)
Or there may be only six in your clan.                  
(Hold up six fingers.)

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Tiny Toads  

Two tiny toads jumping around.   
(Hold up 2 fingers and turn around.) 
Two turtles crawling on the ground.  
(Hold up 2 fingers and bend down low.) 
They all tiptoed without making a sound. 
(Hold up 4 fingers and tiptoe.) 
And they turned their heads round and round. 
(Turn heads round and round.) 
Ten Toes

10 toes way down low, 
(Point to toes.) 
Arms out just like so! 
(Put both arms straight out.) 
Head high in the shade, 
(Put head up.) 
Letter T, I have made! 

Troublesome Twins 

I have two friends that look just alike. 
(Hold up both index fingers.) 
One’s name is Ike, and the other’s name is Mike. 
(Show one index for Ike and the other for Mike.) 
When they trick the teacher, they just grin.   
They are known as the troublesome twins. 
(Shake finger.) 

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Under My Umbrella

Under my umbrella, I am dry.
(Cup hand above index finger.)

When it’s raining, my oh my.
(Fingers wiggle like rain coming down.)

I wait until the raindrops stop.
(Clap hands together on the word “stop.”)

Now no umbrella on my top!
(Just hold up index finger.)

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Riding in my Van  (Poem or Rap)
I have on my vest and my visor too! 
(Touch chest and hold hand over eyes.)
They are new and the color is blue!
(Clap on “new” and on “blue.”)

I’m riding in my van and taking in the view.
(Pretend to be driving.)

Maybe next time you can come, too!
(Still pretend to be driving.)
(Tell the class that to veer means to turn.  Tell the class to veer to the left and veer to the right.)

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Wonderful World

A wonderful world, I live in   
( Make a circle.)
I watch the worms, and I count to 10. 
(Hold up 10 fingers.)
I wash my window way up high
(Pretend to wash window up high.)
And walk in the woods and wave good-bye!
(Walk in place and wave good-bye.)

Wasps on the Wall

5 wasps were on the wall.
(Show 5 fingers.)
How could they hurt me, they are so small!
(Put hands on waist.)
I’ll spray some water, so they will fall
(Pretend to spray water with hose.)
Uh oh! I’d better run!  They’re after me, five wasps in all!
(Wiggle 5 fingers.)

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Fox in a Box

I saw a little fox    
(Hold up two fingers walking in air.)
climb into a box. 
(Put fingers in opening of other hand.)
I saw a large ox 
(Hold hand as a fist.)
sit on a mailbox. 
(Place fist on other hand.)

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Yawning Yaks

Five yaks yawned a lot--    
(Hold up 5 fingers and yawn.)
Time for bed believe it or not.   
(Lay hands aside of face as asleep.)
For your mother you must obey.     
(Shake pointy finger.)
And when you get up, just yell yea!  
(Jump up and say “yea.”)

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Zebras in a Zoo

Five zebras in a zoo-- 
(Wiggle five fingers.)

The first one said, “I need new shoes.”
(Touch thumb.)

The second said, “I do, too!”
(Touch index finger.)

The third one said, “My name is Sue.”
(Touch middle finger.)

The fourth one said, “It’s nice to meet you.”
(Shake ring finger with other hand as if shaking hands.)

The Fifth one said, “How do you do?”
(Wiggle little finger.)

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